Worried about termites damaging your home?

Have you started noticing signs of termites around your home, such as wood damage, mud tubes, or flying swarmers? If you suspect that you have a termite infestation in your home, getting immediate professional assistance is imperative to minimize damage and getting termites out of your home permanently. May Exterminating offers comprehensive termite control services that can help keep your home and family safe!

Termite Control in North Carolina

Termites are much more than just a nuisance–they can cause serious damage to your home if left unchecked. When you first notice the signs of termites in your home, contact May Exterminating to get the eradication process underway. The faster we can get to your home, the faster we can start fixing the problem. When it comes to these invaders chomping away at your house, you don’t want to wait!

You’ve got nothing to lose with a free inspection and estimate

Do you think you have termites but aren’t quite sure? We would much rather you be safe than sorry, which is why we offer a free termite inspection. Simply give us a call when you start to suspect termite activity and our trained and experienced technicians will come by to conduct a comprehensive investigation to uncover any termite colonies. If we find termites in your home or on your property, our technicians will provide a no-obligation estimate for our services so you can plan for the next steps. 

Comprehensive services rid your home of termites quickly and effectively

Taking care of termites is all about timing, and our expert technicians will work hard to get termites out of your house as quickly as possible. When you call to set up termite control services, our technicians will scour your home, getting into even the hardest to reach places, to treat for termites and ensure that all of them are gone. With our professionals on the case, you can be sure that termites won’t stand a chance, and you can enjoy a termite free home once again. 

Guaranteed services for your peace of mind

Our termite control services are effective and efficient, and we stand behind them 100%. In fact, we offer all of our termite control customers our personal guarantee. We offer termite control wood replacement, which will cover up to $100,000* in cost to repair the damage that termites have done to your home. *some restrictions apply

Are you ready to have a termite-free home for good? 

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